We feed 4u2win to EVERY lamb and goat that we have in the barn like it’s a no-brainer.  We’ve had a ton of success with the products over the years and we figure if it isn’t broken–don’t fix it!  We recommend them to our customers as well and it’s definitely working to help them to the winners circle.  It’s a vital part of our program here at JFSS!

Johnson Family Show Stock

We have been feeding 4 U 2 win products since our girls began showing in 2006.  Simply put, the products are easy to feed the sheep consume and perform excellent on them and there is no reason to feed another supplement.  Since we show young lambs and push hard to get February lambs big enough and mature enough for an August State Fair we like the 2 Bloom product for Colorado.  It has the extra fat and corn base product for our climate.  As lambs mature and we get ready for fall shows or Denver we use the concentrate and Top Shelf.  We also like 4 A Boost and 2 Hydrate when we are preparing for a show and at the show, it keeps the lambs hydrated and ready to go.  Without hesitation, I recommend your product to all my customers who buy lambs from me and families in which I help.  Thanks again for outstanding customer service, products and the friendship that we have.

Frink Show Lambs

Thanks for offering such a great line of products! Your Top Shelf is our complete feed supplement of choice. We feed it to every wether on the place throughout the entire feeding period from start to finish. Not only do I notice a significant difference in muscle mass and tone when feeding this product, but I also notice that they seem to feel better and have a better feed consumption rate when supplemented. In addition to Top Shelf, we also use 4-A-Boost products exclusively when traveling to show and during times of stress.

Chabot Show Lambs